Manage your property
Extra wins

Each tenant is assigned a personal property manager during the kick off meeting. He receives the tenant’s brochure with relevant manuals for the building as well as access to the Online Helpdesk My Montea

Tailor made

The maintenance programme is devised to measure for the tenant. All installations are inventoried in the management system. The demarcation list is used to choose which installations will be serviced by the tenant of by Montea. Maintenance plans are drawn up based on this list, with clear actions and lead times.


The entire property portfolio is inspected annually. The premises are screened by an independent authority, where all aspects concerning safety (fire safety, occupational safety, etc.) are screened. The tenant and property manager discuss action points and solutions. Advice is given on mandatory evacuation plans, and the inventory file for the fire brigade. Evacuation exercises can be organised through consultation.


In addition to safety, Montea gives high priority to the sustainability of its buildings. The monitoring of energy consumption is drawn up in consultation with the tenant. Both energy and CO2 is saved where necessary through conscious energy consumption. An extensive programme is available under BLUElabel.

Extra services

The property manager can, if the tenant so wishes, arrange several additional services:

  • preventive management and legal inspections of the technical installations in the building
  • curative maintenance, intervention and repairs
  • assist in alteration or renovation works by assuming the full project management or by considering quotations
  • deal with environmental permits (new applications or amendments)

As we aim for a maximum tenant satisfaction every single day, Montea provides property management for all logistic warehouses. This internally organised property management is beneficial to the tenant for several reasons:

  • Transparent: the tenant knows upfront and in all transparency which services are included
  • Market-based: The tenant is assured that market-based prices are applied
  • Full outsourcing: Montea can coordinate the full property management. The tenant only has 1 contact person for a fully outsourced property management

Every tenant has direct contact with his personal property manager, who is an expert in his respective field. Through the Online Helpdesk My Montea we additionally guarantee 24/7 access to a central, clear and smooth tool for property management. Contractors and suppliers are likewise connected with this tool.

My Montea – Online Helpdesk for Property Management

  • The tenant registers notifications, issues, requests, etc.
    He can follow up the action items and add feedback. In case of damages, the helpdesk can provide immediate assistance.
  • Helpdesk treats calls promptly.
    Subcontractors and suppliers receive workorders immediately. Lead time of calls is monitored, evaluated and improved on a continuous basis.
  • Relevant documents of the property are saved in My Montea:
    Like reports or legally required inspections, maintenance records, request for private works, evacuation guidelines, manuals for technical installations, etc.
  • The maintenance module is running in the back office
    We generate workorders for maintenance, inspections, examinations, etc. We check the performance of maintenance according to the agreed maintenance programme.