Montea is one of a kind, dedicated to nurturing a sustainable partnership with our tenants, investors and co-developers.  This approach, which rhymes with flexibility and cultivates direct relations for rapid action, is highly appreciated by our partners, not least because it is transparent and reliable.  We will embark on the long haul with you, go the extra mile, and make sure that quality trumps quantity as a matter of course.  Because for us a partnership is a win-win option for all.

Profit from short lines  of communications
At Montea you deal directly with the people who make the decisions. We are just a phone call or e-mail away at all times to answer your questions at once. In a word, we cut corners to give you direct access to communication and decision-making lines – the hallmarks of real partners.

Profit from transparency
We are open and transparent about prices, our vision and long-term ambitions. Quick wins and dirty tricks have no place in our playbook.  We share our information on equal footing, as a trusted partner, so you know where things stand and where you are headed.

Profit from the future
A partnership means a long-term commitment – an investment in a sustainable future. We are delighted to move forward on the same wavelength with our partners, so as to meet your professional logistics needs, but also to live up to the ideals of the world around us.


Jo De Wolf
Chief Executive Officer
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