BLUElabel Sustainability


As game changer in the logistics property sector, Montea aims to be a socially responsible company. For this reason, Montea is involved in an ongoing improvement process in which economic, environmental and social considerations are systematically taken into account in the way the business is conducted on a day-to-day basis. Montea aims not only to comply with statutory requirements, but through its initiatives and actions, seeks to go further than the legislation in effect.

Montea’s management is convinced that taking a responsible approach to these activities is a decisive factor in the company’s sustainability.

Montea has created its own quality label for sustainability. The BLUElabel encompasses the leading international standards that govern sustainability for property, such as HQE, BREEAM and parts of LEED.

BLUElabel Mission Statement

Within the dynamic and responsible management of our property portfolio, we pay a lot of attention to the sustainability of our logistics buildings. Our aim is to achieve long-term returns for our shareholders by investing in sustainable real estate of top-quality and provide innovative and customized management to our clients.

BLUElabel includes:

  • an efficient approach to energy, water and waste management;
  • cost-aware and proactive maintenance management;
  • the restriction of CO2 emissions;
  • the creation of comfort and safety in the working environment;
  • risk management;
  • monitoring and improving energy consumption;
  • managing documents and making them available to customers and partners;
  • the constant screening of the property portfolio and related activities.

What does this mean in practice?

1) Montea promotes sustainability with Lean and Green Star (Award & Star)

As a member of VIL (Vlaams Instituut voor de Logistics – Flemish Logistics Institute), Montea supports the Lean and Green sustainability program. Lean and Green encourages and supports companies in making dramatic reductions in their CO2 emissions. Given that Montea is closely involved in sustainability and making its own property portfolio sustainable, this was the ideal time to join this project.

On 10th December 2013, Montea was presented with the Lean and Green Award by Minister Joke Schauvliege for its efforts in making its property portfolio sustainable.

On 8th May 2015, Montea became the first Belgian property investors to receive the Lean & Green Star in recognition for the effective reduction of CO2 emissions in its Belgian portfolio by 26%. The Lean & Green Star certificate was officially presented on 16th June 2015.

As a result of obtaining this additional independent recognition, Montea is able to pass on its sustainability goals to its partners (contractors, architects, suppliers, etc.), as well as to its tenants.


2) Efforts made regarding Montea’s Belgian property portfolio:

  • 156,000 m² of logistics surface fitted with energy monitoring systems for the day-to-day evaluation of energy consumption by tenants;
  • 80% of existing buildings have already undergone an in-depth energy scan. Using the results of these scans, numerous sustainable investments have now been made (increased insulation values, reduced losses due to ventilation, enhanced light level yields, more effective HVAC systems, etc.);
  • 136,000 m² of logistics surface equipped with solar panels;
  • 108,000 m² of buildings purchased or built in which the K-value is lower than the statutory maximum of K=40, which applies from 2014;
  • 46,000 m² of buildings demolished or sold to be replaced by sustainable new-build projects.


3) Sustainable property

The sustainability of a building begins already at the design stage. We take care of an optimal ground balance; wherever possible, we adjust the building’s orientation in relation to the sun’s position; we investigate the installation of solar panels or a windmill; we improve the isolation capacity of the building shell, and implement the most energy efficient installations to reduce the energy consumption of our clients.


4) Energy management

Montea has developed a rational policy aimed at optimising the use of energy. In 2012 the program regarding energy scans was further optimised, along with the implementation of Life Cycle Analyses. On the basis of these detailed analyses and additional energy calculations a complete study was performed for the sites in Mechelen and Puurs.

This study enabled Montea to draw up a full investment program with these items:

  • investments with an immediate impact on energy;
  • investments in consultation with the tenant based on its operations;
  • refurbishment and replacement investment objectives;
  • investments from a commercial point of view.

With this in-depth study Montea confirms its focus on optimising the sustainability and quality of its real estate portfolio.

The sites at Erembodegem, Mechelen, Milmort, Heppignies, Bornem, Herentals, Puurs Schoonmansveld 18 and Grimbergen are equipped with a monitoring system. This monitoring enables Montea to monitor its energy management closely and to make adjustments when there is extreme consumption.


5) Solar panels

Based on the monitoring described above, the total amount of energy produced by the PV installations meets expectations: 4.5 MWh was generated by the solar panels, saving 1,100 tons of CO2 emissions. Depending on their operational requirements, Montea’s tenant use up to 90% of the solar energy produced. Each quarter, Montea informs its tenants about the solar energy produced, solar energy consumed locally and the financial benefit. In 2015, 35% of green power was used out of the total amount of electricity consumed for the Belgian property portfolio.

In January 2018 Montea has launched the first solar panels project in the Netherlands. This project is executed at Bas Logistics in Etten-Leur (NL), where 1.200 m² of solar panels are installed for the the tenant. 


6) Facility Management program

At the end of 2011, a Facility Management program was introduced. This program is an internal management system and also provides tenants with access to a secure “My Montea” web portal. The Facility Management program features the following applications:

  • by using the “work order” module in “My Montea”, Montea is able to monitor and track its work orders and their due dates accurately and then generate reports for each site, project and, if required, each tenant.
  • tenants can also use our “My Montea” web portal to register and monitor all messages/problems/queries themselves so that the service and communication relating to buildings management can run clearly and smoothly.
  • for 4 sites the maintenance module can be used so that maintenance purchase orders relating to these buildings are generated automatically and the maintenance can be tracked in detail. In 2013, a maintenance plan was implemented for all sites.

Implementation of the Facility Management program fits in perfectly with the BLUElabel plan and the transparency that Montea wishes to give its tenants and partners.