Who is the winner of the family trip to Efteling?

Who can build the DHL Hub in the most beautiful - the funniest - the most creative way?

Montea challenged the children of its guests during the Openbedrijvendag at DHL Aviation on Bucargo and during the Inspiration Day to build up the building plate of the recently opened DHL Aviation Hub at Brucargo.

We are very pleased that we have received many beautiful buildings - and we are grateful for your beautiful entries.


Alexia, Charles, Violette, Pauline, Merel, Gerry, Max, Robbe, Senne, Emilie, Paul, Hester, Kato, Klarisse, Matisse, Sjuultje, Iris, Sybille, Sarah, Tijn, Jaap

Thank you!


Because all constructions are all attractive, inventive and above all unique, it was too difficult to choose only 3 winners

That is why we want to reward all hard workers and everyone can look forward to visiting the Efteling with the whole family!

Congratulations & enjoy!

Jo De Wolf
Chief Executive Officer
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