First Dutch Montea solar panels installed at Bas Logistics in Etten-Leur

Montea has made a kick start in 2018 with the installation of the first Dutch Montea solar panels. At the logistics warehouse of Bas Logistics in Etten-Leur (NL), 1,200 m² of solar panels are being installed and will be operational by the end of January.

A sustainable real estate portfolio is a spearhead for Montea, as described in the BLUElabel mission. At the end of 2017, Montea Nederland started a process to tackle the sustainability of the Dutch real estate portfolio even more intensively. A large number of logistics warehouses in Belgium and France are already equipped with solar panels: in total about 174.500 m² of warehouses, representing 4.450.000 kWh per year. In the Netherlands, solar panels will also be installed at various distribution centers during the course of this year.


At the logistics warehouse of Bas Logistics in Etten-Leur, the first Dutch Montea solar panels are currently being installed. This involves 1,200 m² of solar panels that will have a yield of 110,000 kWh per year. This energy will be fully consumed by the tenant. An SDE + (Sustainable Energy Production Incentive Scheme) subsidy has been obtained for the installation of these solar panels. The distribution center of Bas Logistics was acquired in October 2017 through a sale & lease back transaction. At the same time, an extension has also been added to the existing warehouse.

After realization of the solar panels for Bas Logistics in Etten-Leur, Montea will also provide solar panels for the other Dutch warehouses in the portfolio. An SDE + subsidy has already been allocated for this. In consultation with the tenants of the relevant warehouses, the energy consumption of each tenant and the best possible use of solar energy are examined. Based on this, the required number of watts is then determined for each tenant.

Solar energy

Due to the need for sustainability, the Paris Climate Agreement and the promises within the European Union, the Dutch government is encouraging solar energy on a large scale. In 2018, more than 1 gigawatt peak of solar panels will be installed in the Netherlands: a record year. In 2023 the Netherlands expect to have 20 gigawatt peak of solar panels. The Flemish solar panel market is also getting new impetus. In 2017, around 150 megawatt peak of pv power was installed in Flanders and by 2018 this will grow by a few dozen percent.

With the SDE + subsidy, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate wants to stimulate sustainable energy supply. The scheme applies to companies and (non-profit) institutions and is divided into six categories: biomass, geothermics, water, wind, sun and wind energy at sea.

This subsidy not only ensures more sustainability. It also makes the Netherlands less dependent on fossil fuels and it stimulates the economy.


Our sustainability objectives are not limited to the use of solar panels. BLUElabel has a broad application that also focuses on, for example, monitoring and improving energy consumption. Montea continues to work on a continuous improvement process in which sustainable, economic and social considerations continue to prevail.


Martine de Groene
Asset en propertymanager
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